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Stainless Steel Tactile Warning Stud With Concentric Rings Pattern on Top with Circular Center

By Eminent Tactiles | SKU# : ET-WTS005
Stainless Steel 316 Marine Grade
stud-icon SS 316
stud-icon SS 304

Rose Gold
Yellow Gold
Diameter : 35 mm, 25 mm
Dimensions : 35 X 25 X 4.5 mm
Square Meter Ratio : 400 Studs per Sq.Mtr

Product Specification

Top of Studs :

Concentric Rings with Circular Center

Suitable for Substrates :

Stone, masonry, timber, vinyl, vitrified porcelain, ceramics, glass, metals

Fixing :

Drill and fit with adhesive or diamond core and fit with adhesive

Special Options :

Customized sizes available on request, Thickness Can be availed
between 4.5 to 5mm as per request*

Australian Standards AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009. | National Building Code 2016 (India)

5-Year Warranty

About this Product

Tactile studs, Warning Tactile Indicators with 8 groove by Eminent Overseas is a multi-groove product to help blind and visually impaired people in public places, offices, lifts, commercial areas etc. The product is made of the best quality raw material of stainless steel 316 L (Marin Grade). It has been made in accordance with the guidelines that have been issued. All the Tactile studs, Warning Tactile Indicators by Eminent Overseas are compatible with building rules and guidelines as well. The stainless-steel Tactile studs are slip-resistant and perfect for public spaces. These Tactile studs, Warning Tactile Indicators are offered at a very reasonable price. The quality offered by Eminent Overseas is the best.

Our whole team is dedicated to safety and satisfaction of our customers and that is why these studs are 100% hazard free and are durable. Which means these stainless steel 316 L (Marin Grade) multi-groove Tactile studs can easily bear a crowd without any issues. These Tactile studs are made of highest quality of stainless steel 316 L (Marin Grade).  The multi-groove stud, especially 8 groove stud is used a lot when it comes to public spaces.

You can choose from many designs which are available at Eminent Overseas. a wide range of choice is provided to ensure that the customer gets what they are looking for and the Tactile studs match the aesthetic of the space where they are being installed. If you are unable to find the perfect match, then just contact us about the design as well as the size. We would be happy to assist you. Install Eminent Overseas stainless steel 316 L (Marin Grade) Tactile studs, Warning Tactile Indicators for the best results and long life tactile indicating in offices, public spaces, industries and sports arenas as well.

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