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Eminent Overseas is the first company in the country India which started to provide services of tactile paving. For over 10 years this organization has been a leader in the field of tactile indicating. With developing technologies and innovations, we continue to lead the field towards development and betterment.

We believe in working with organizations which are expert at disability research, companies which manufacture the cutting edge tactiles and hire only those who have a skilled and curious mind for this field.

Our expedition till now

The company has maintained and grown its standard of services from ever since we first opened. Tactile Indicators is an institution built to provide the widest range of services for tactile surface indicating.

The inspiration behind the construction of this company was the fact that not a single company was providing the service of tactile paving back when we opened. The country had no advances in the field of tactile indicating. The founders of Tactile Indicators were insistent on bringing this service to India and developing it along with other countries. They wanted spaces, be that private or public, to be sensitive and friendly towards the disabled people.

We have been on this mission since the day this organization was formed, and we still have a long way to go. But not a single step can be taken without the participation of the community. We want all the office spaces, public spaces etc. to have tactile surface indicating. It cannot be achieved without an effort on your part.

We, as a team, think that the only way to make India advanced is by taking one step at a time. We want you to take that step today. Contact us and get basic information about tactile paving and get them installed in your spaces. It starts with an effort from both sides. And we have made our effort by providing these services to Indian markets, now it is your turn.

Eminent Overseas work with the best of architects, planners, and contractors. We are a fully dedicated organization with our aim crystal clear. We hope to move forward with your support and trust in our organization.

Eminent Overseas, a company which was born out of the necessity of tactile services in our country when no other company was providing tactile paving service, has now turned itself into a phenomenon which will keep expanding to make India a specially-baled friendly country.

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The best products of Tactiles
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Bhavin Ghelani

Bhavin Ghelani

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Monish Goyani

(Export Manager)
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Hardik Jethva

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Chirag Ramani

Chirag Ramani

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