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We strive to build an enriching community for a better society. With our services, we aim to make and sell human-centric products that are equitable and attainable for everyone. At the centre of this compassionate journey, our main goal is to spread awareness of the difficulties faced by specially-abled people and help everyone make the future more accessible and empowered for visually impaired people. Together, we can!

We often forget to be grateful for a lot of things, taking them for granted. To be able to throw a ball, to be able to walk on the grass, to be able to see a colourful flying kite, and to be able to hear the sweet chirping of birds.

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Delivered Projects

The successful delivery of an installation Project requires careful Planning, Execution, and Collaboration.

Customers Testimonials

Eminent Tactiles provides key services to our Accessible India Campaign. We had a wonderful experience working with this company. All those who want to make their institution a more accessible place, contact Eminent Tactiles with your eyes closed. I congratulate the entire team for bringing a much-needed solution for all visually impaired people.

Dr. Bhushan Punani, General Secretary Blind People's Association (India)
Vice President: International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment,
Member: Central Advisory Board Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disability, Govt. of India.
Dr. Bhushan Punani Blind People's Association (India)

We have been searching for products to make accessible pathways since 2001. And now, we are very pleased to have come across the esteemed Eminent Tactiles, which has a noble goal to help specially-abled people. I, with our visually impaired students, thank Eminent Tactiles from the bottom of our hearts for making our association more accessible with their products.

Ms. Kinnari Desai, Senior Manager Inclusion & Accessibility, Blind People's Association (India)
Ms. Kinnari Desai, Senior Manager Inclusion & Accessibility, Blind People's Association (India)

Our Clients

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