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The concept of tactile products that help the visually impaired is not something that a lot of people are aware of.
Here are a few frequently asked questions related to our tactile indicators.

The tactile indicators are of utmost importance in the external environment for the sake of identification for the visually impaired. The unfamiliarity of a new place that has a lot of danger for a visually impaired person, tactile indicators are extremely helpful to them.

These tactile indicators can be installed in every public place to make the environment disable friendly. However, the main places where is extremely crucial to install tactile indicators are the places where there are very high chances of a hazard. These are installed in hazard places where it will be difficult for the visually impaired people to understand the direction. They are usually installed at the top and bottom of stairs, ramps, waiting platforms, pedestrian crossings, escalators and any other area deemed to be a potential hazard. Pedestrian crossings are also very important for the installation of tactile indicators.

All the tactile indicators are made up of the most sturdy and strongest materials. We make sure that all the raw materials we use are of a high quality and are tried as tested under various procedures. We make sure to follow the set standards and guidelines involved in the production and creation of the tactile indicators. Usually, the raw materials that are common in most of our indicators are Solid Brass, Stainless Steel – 316 marine grade and Urethane. These can be applied to Stone, Masonry, Timber, Vinyl, Porcelain, Ceramics, Glass and Metal.

Tactile products are made using different colors because most of the visually impaired people are able to retain some amount of light. These colors in some way guide the visually impaired people into the right direction for the purpose of taking them to the elevated that is the tactile pavement or any other platform.

We provide a large variety of colors in our tactile products. We provide a large variety of customizable services to the clients for the ease and convenience of the clients. We focus majorly on the colors that can be sensed and retained by the visually impaired as per the set standards and provided guidelines by the authoritative bodies. We make our products using different products and we use colors to complement the materials used. The common colors that we use are silver, gold, black, yellow, ivory and light grey.

The tactile products are it indicators, studs or other products; all of them need to elevate so that the visually impaired people can easily identify them when installing in various public places and other platforms. The other main feature of these tactile products is that they need to slip resistant. This is very important because most of the tactile indicators are located at hazardous locations. These are very dangerous locations and must be slip resistant whatsoever.

The tactile indicators are located in severely harsh places where they need to remain sturdy and strong. Poor quality materials will degrade the quality of the tactile products which is very risky for the visually impaired people who are using the platforms. These installations need to protected from the harsh weather conditions as well and hence high-quality products need to be used for the construction of tactile indicators.

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