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Eminent Overseas specializes in the fabrication of Tactile Indicators, Stair Nosing, Bollards and Safety Products. We offer our renowned Product Installation Service to Corporate buildings, Airports, Railway Stations, Educational Institutions, and Parks. Our decades of experience speak for the level of quality service we offer our clients.

Tactile Indicators Manufacturer and Exporter

Eminent Tactiles specializes in manufacturing of tactile indicators that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. They offer a wide range of tactile indicators which are designed keeping in mind safety, accessibility, and design.

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Tactile Indicator
Tactile Indicators Installation

The Tactile Indicators Installation team is a highly experienced and professional group of technicians dedicated to providing quality installation and maintenance of tactile indicators.the team is committed to delivering high quality work to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Safety Bollards

Safety bollards are a type of protective security product designed to keep vehicles and pedestrians safe within an area. They are manufactured to act as a physical barrier in commercial or industrial areas and can be either fixed or removable. Features include material choice, available colours, mounting configurations and various safety standards.

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Stair Nosing

Eminent Overseas is a prominent Stair Nosing manufacturer that provides businesses around the world with durable and high-quality stair nosing products. They offer a broad selection of nosing solutions in many finishes and sizes, allowing customers to find the perfect product for their specific needs and to complete their projects with professionalism and efficiency.

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What We Do

accessibility audit

Indoor navigation for the blind and visually impaired has become a hot topic of research, thanks to rapid technological advancements in smartphones and other mobile devices. A dependable positioning and navigation system will alleviate their pain, allow them to live more independently, and increase their work opportunities. Despite its importance in assisting the blind in finding their way, localization of the floor level in a multistory building remains largely unsolved despite significant progress. We create a unique Wayfinder for visually challenged people using tactile techniques. It will help them find a route out and save them from harm. A real-time measurement approach and a hardware platform architecture are detailed, as well as the correlations between air pressure, absolute height, and floor location.

Why look elsewhere when Eminent Tactile is right here for you? We provide services ranging from consultation and planning to installation and follow-up, all at a very reasonable charge.

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From directional tactile to civic road studs and anti-skateboard studs, we manufacture a wide range of tactile solutions.

Tactile indicators are specific floor indications that are essential for visually impaired people’s route marking. They’re made in the shapes of cones and stripes. They are utilized both indoors and outdoors, as well as in areas where tactile paving cannot be installed, such as stairwells, entrance ramps, and small hallways. Cones are commonly employed to denote warning and danger zones, whereas stripes identify the safe movement direction.

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Compliance is critical when installing tactile indicators because it guarantees that visually impaired people receive consistent information about their surroundings.

Incorrect installation or maintenance not only endangers people’s safety or life but also exposes your company to a slew of legal and financial risks related to regulatory compliance and discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

All of our tactile indicators are designed and installed in accordance with regulatory requirements and are backed by industry-leading warranties.

We’ve put up a blog about standards and the installation process.

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Accessibility floor plan

An access audit is a process of assessing an infrastructure against predetermined standards in order to find barriers as well as good functionality characteristics. The National Building Code (NBC) recognizes the use of skilled accessibility specialists to conduct an accessibility assessment. It is not restricted to existing infrastructure, but could also apply to proposed constructions in the form of a design evaluation.

As required by law, companies should conduct access audits. According to the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, all companies must ensure that all of their premises are accessible to people with disabilities. The first step towards making the built environment more accessible is to conduct an accessibility assessment. It’s also required by the NBC, which specifies that periodic access audits must be conducted.

We do a thorough audit and accessibility assessment to assure total coverage, which is impossible to achieve through automated testing alone.

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Industries we serve

Building IconPublic Buildings

Museums, Civic Offices, Theaters, Event Areas

Education IconEducation

School, Colleges, Universities

Healthcare IconHealthcare

Hospitals, Care Homes, Orthopedic Homes

Travel IconTravel Terminus

Airport Terminals, Bus Stations, Railway Stations
Metro Railway Stations

commercial-iconCommercial Offices

Corporate Buildings, Corporate Parks, Offices, SEZ

retail iconRetail Stores

Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Retail Chains

Smart CitiesSmart Cities

Side Walks, Skywalks, Pedestrian Crossings, Traffic Signals

Sport IconLeisure/ Sports

Stadiums, Sports Centers, Resorts, Hotels

why us?

  • Technical SolutionEngineering & Technical Solutions
  • Designing & PlanningDesign & Planning
  • Cost ConsultingCost Consulting
  • Instalation ServicesInstallation Services

Based on our extensive experience, we offer a wide range of public accessibility and safety solutions, such as stair nosings, tactile indicators, skate deterrents, and parking safety systems. So to help you stay ahead of the competition, we provide consultation, design, production, supply, and installation services

We specialize in completing the entire supply chain, from tailored design to installation, so you can focus on what you do best. We’re here to offer you comfort during these toughest times by assisting you in any way we can.

Due to our appealing appearance and powerful performance, we are a winner in both commercial and residential flooring tactile solutions

Wheel StopsWheel Stops
Eminent Overseas StudsStuds
product-cat-bicycle-rackBicycle Racks
Concrete Paver Blocks
Tactile IndicatorTactile Indicators

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