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The best products of Tactiles
Accessibility floor plan

Tactile indicators are surface installations used to guide the people who are visually impaired. This technique is used all around the world to make the public places and offices more disable friendly. This is a step toward making our shared space more convenient for visually impaired people.


That is why a number of people came together to form this organisation for the betterment of this country.


We, at Eminent Overseas, are a team of people who wanted this facility to grow and prosper in India. Our country is a developing one. The services such as tactile indicating, which are quite common overseas, are not readily available here.

accessibility audit

Tactile indicating requires precision and a lot of expertise. The placement of the tactiles, their manufacturing, size and installation, every one of these things must be perfect otherwise it may become a hazard for visually impaired. Suggestion and advice of experts must be heeded when it comes to tactile indicating.

Industries we serve

The best products of Tactiles
Building IconPublic Buildings

Museums, Civic Offices, Theaters, Event areas

Education IconEducation

School, Colleges, Universities

Healthcare IconHealthcare

Hospitals, Care Homes, Orthopedic Homes

Travel IconTavel Terminuses

Airport Terminals, Bus Stations, Railway stations
Metro Railway Stations

commercial-iconCommercial Offices

Corporate Buildings, Corporate Parks, Offices, SEZ

retail iconRetail Stores

Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Retail chains

Smart CitiesSmart Cities

Side Walks, Skywalks, Pedestrian Crossings, Traffic Signals

Sport IconLeisure/ Sports

Stadiums, Sports Centers, Resorts, Hotels

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The best products of Tactiles
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  • Technical SolutionEngineering & Technical Solutions
  • Instalation ServicesInstalation Services

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