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What do we do?

Tactile indicators are surface installations used to guide the people who are visually impaired. This technique is used all around the world to make the public places and offices more disable friendly. This is a step toward making our shared space more convenient for visually impaired people.

We, at Eminent Overseas, are a team of people who wanted this facility to grow and prosper in India. Our country is a developing one. The services such as tactile indicating, which are quite common overseas, are not readily available here.

That is why a number of people came together to form this organization for the betterment of this country.

Tactile indicating requires precision and a lot of expertise. The placement of the tactiles, their manufacturing, size and installation, every one of these things must be perfect otherwise it may become a hazard for visually impaired. Suggestion and advice of experts must be heeded when it comes to tactile indicating.

Why Us?

Eminent Overseas is one of the oldest companies who provide tactile indicating services in the country. Our team is filled with experts who know the best and are excellent at their jobs. We are a company that was born and built in India, we know what demands and facilities you may need. And we are the ones who believe in paving the road to better ways for all the firms and organizations.

For the last ten years, we have been helping offices all around the country to become more disabled friendly. Our mission is to take tactile paving to every corner of the country for a better future for everyone. And we believe that our skilled team and versatile services can help you make your office better.

We offer a number of options and a variety of services. Our list has an appropriate option for everyone’s demand. And we believe in bringing the best and the latest of technology and innovations to our country and to our customers. Choose us and together, we can develop your space and take a step towards an improved environment for each and every one of us.

Industries We Serve


Every institution in healthcare sector should have a tactile paving. Healthcare sector is one of the most important sectors which is needed by all people at one time or another. We all need medical services. With tactile surface indicators, we can initiate the change. All medical institutions need proper paving which is patient-friendly and efficient.


The industries of the 21st century need to be on the top with the best and latest technologies as well as facilities. The facilities which meet standards and adapt to the working of the industry. Come to us for all the industry solutions, we work on providing the widest range available.


The field of education is wide along with several levels and departments which require different products along with different specifications. If you are looking for the key to the best paving in an educational institution, you needn’t look more. The variety of paving available covers all the needs that may arise in this sector.

Corporate Offices

Offices are the space where the magic happens. So, it is of paramount importance that the environment of office must remain pleasant, positive and encouraging. For such demands, special skills and designs are required to fulfill the necessary conditions of an office which are provided by us.


The sports platforms are very crucial part of any game. They must be of a right design and of extremely high quality. So, that they cannot affect the performance of any player. Keeping that in mind we have developed some suitable designs for various sports.


A guide to surface indicators which are best for each mode of transportation and remain with the theme of the surroundings. Along with this are entirely safe and free of any hazards. Choose us for best paving solutions for transports.

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