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Stainless Steel Tactile Warning Stud Truncated Type With Concentric Rings on Top and PVD Coated Colour

By Eminent Tactiles | SKU# : ET-WTS038
Stainless Steel 316 Marine Grade
stud-icon SS 316
stud-icon SS 304

Rose Gold
Yellow Gold
Diameter : 22mm, 12mm
Dimensions : 22 X 12 X 4.5mm
Square Meter Ratio : 275 Studs per Sq.Mtr

Product Specification

Top of Studs :

Concentric Rings on Top with Truncated  Edges

Suitable for Substrates :

Stone, masonry, timber, vinyl, vitrified porcelain, ceramics, glass, metals

Fixing :

Drill and fit with adhesive or diamond core and fit with adhesive

Special Options :

Customized sizes available on request, Thickness Can be availed
between 4.5 to 5mm as per request*

Australian Standards AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009. | National Building Code 2016 (India)

5-Year Warranty

About this Product

One of our other products includes Stainless Steel Truncated Domes. The concentric Rings Pattern are engraved on a top of tactile Dome, is better for friction and it’s absolutely optimum anti-slip design. This facility ensures a great deal of aid to the visually impaired. Eminent Overseas makes sure that all the raw materials used is Stainless Steel 316 L (Marin Grade) in the making of this particular product are 100 percent approved by the authoritative bodies and it’s Resistant to heavy traffic abuse and maintenance machinery. also very safe to use. We provide highly durable and flexible Stainless Steel Truncated Domes that are easy to install and customize for the purpose of appearance as well as installation. The main raw material used in this is the stainless steel that structures the whole product into a strong and sturdy one that provides the best aid to the visually impaired.

These Stainless Steel Truncated Domes are reasonably priced according to the designs that we offer. We offer a variety of designs to pick and choose from and also give the clients a choice of customizing the products as per their own need and convenience keeping in mind the place and site of installation. These Stainless Steel Truncated Domes are slip resistant to make sure and provide extra safety to the people who will be using our installed products.

These Stainless Steel Truncated Domes are basically made by Stainless Steel 316 L (Marin Grade) on the surface Physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating. The most common PVD processes are sputtering and evaporation, PVD is used in the manufacture of Truncated Domes which require thin films for mechanical, optical, chemical or electronic functions. Colors like Golden Yellow, Rose Gold, Black, Candy PinkMatte Black, Copper, Cobalt Blue, Federal Yellow and many more... it is best to get in touch with us. We provide the service of customer support on educating them about a variety of Truncated Domes with PVD coating.


  • An unprotected edge like entry, exit, drop off, such as a transit platform where the change in elevation is greater than 250mm or,
  • The slope is steeper than in a ratio of 1:3 (33%)
  • The unprotected edges of a reflecting pool.
  • Revolving Door Approaches
  • Wheelchair Ramps
  • Parking Areas
  • Top of Stair Landings
  • Turnstile and Gate Access
  • Escalator Approaches
  • Multi-Modal Transit Stations

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