Bhavin Ghelani
  • Tactile Indicators
  • July 1, 2020

Tactile ground surface indicators are effective in helping visually impaired people without creating obstacles for other pedestrians. Specific criteria is followed for consistent installation around the world, which is essential to ensuring that Tactile Paving for Visually Impaired function effectively.

Since 1965, Japan devised Tactile Paving they have spread to other nations around the world. Because the visually impaired can use them with almost no modification to their normal way of walking. Polyurethane Tactile Tiles have low installation cost and are believed to be effective system for guiding people with impaired vision.

There are two types of Tactile ground surface indicators: Warning tactile that indicate the location of hazards where precaution has to be taken while navigating and the other one is directional tactile that indicates the direction of walking. The Tactile Pavement Guidance are designed to enable people with impaired vision to identify their own position, hazardous locations and in which directions to walk. Therefore, they must be installed in safe locations in such a manner facilitates them to identify with the feet and their canes.

If the braille block are not designed properly tactile sidewalk installation is not properly done as a consequence, blind people find it difficult to walk using Detectable Warning TGSI as a guide, resulting in both accidents and confusion.

India has started installation of detectable warning surface to multiple publicly accessible places like metro railway stations, sidewalks on the main roads, airports and other government buildings. But due to lack of knowledge regarding the installation of Tactile Indicators the contractors install them wrongly which results becoming dangerous for blind people for navigation. Also, the government is very irresponsible in auditing the installation done by the contractors. Kindly see the below images of worst installation examples in India which are the biggest threats for visually impaired people:

Interrupted tactile blocks mean confusion for people with impaired vision, who lose their directional guide. Warning tactile blocks cause people with impaired vision to stop and attempt to identify what danger their attention is being drawn toward, unnecessary installation of tactile warning blocks greatly reduces walking efficiency.

Installations of tactile mats and PU Tactile Tiles or TPU Tactile Tile are indispensable in assisting blind people to be mobile. Most of the countries install tactile ground surface indicators according to Japanese and Australian methods in combination with unique rules of their own.

We at Eminent Tactiles in association with our expert team and accessibility auditors give total consultation and guidance on how to make any place accessible for the people with visual impairment. Tactile indicators of any type whether it be stainless steel tactile indicators or polyurethane tactile indicators, they should only be used as originally intended and the installation should be done under the supervision of an experienced accessibility auditors only.

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Bhavin Ghelani
July 1,2020