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Bhavin Ghelani
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  • 23, 12, 2019

Pedestrians with low vision notice the components visually by comparing the color contrast between the Tactile Indicators and the ground surface.

TGSI is primarily used to direct pedestrians and identify public access facilities such as roadside ramps, pedestrian crossings, stairwells, lifts, ramps, and escalators. They’re also utilized in public transportation to warn people about platform edges at train stations, bus stops, and ferry terminals.

Pedestrians with vision impairment confront the same challenges as other pedestrians, such as navigating complicated landscapes, high-speed vehicles, many directions of risk, and distractions. On the other hand, those with vision impairment have fewer indications about their surroundings, fewer cues about coming dangers, generally limited movement to get out of danger quickly, and are frequently preoccupied with the need to escape a fall or obstruction.

Places that are tough for normal pedestrians maybe even more difficult for persons with vision impairment.

Tactile Indicators offer safe, dignified, and autonomous access to and throughout the community, in addition to assisting with direction. These innovative solutions, which are well-suited for retail, commercial, and industrial uses, let people with visual impairments move safely past possible hazards. Our tactile surface indications serve as directional reminders and aid in orientation, ensuring that any commercial facility meets the criteria for impaired access.

Self-Adhesive Tactile StudsOur tactile indicators, which include individual stainless steel or plastic studs as well as self-adhesive tiles in a variety of colors, are designed to provide dependable alerts for persons with visual impairments without deteriorating from your property’s aesthetic appeal. Our expert staff can install all tactile indicators to the highest standards, providing you the peace of mind that your building will meet the requirements. Because of our extensive experience in the TGSI industry, you can trust the experts at Eminent Tactiles to provide you with only the best products and services.

Our Tactile system is a next-generation solution for tactile ground surface indicators that are rapid, long-lasting, and aesthetically beautiful. Our ground-breaking Peel & Adhere technology is cutting-edge in design but simple to install, giving it an immediate practical appeal and a wide range of applications. This one-of-a-kind product combines style and versatility in a modular, adaptable, and cost-effective system.

The Tactile Ground Surface Indicator’s purpose is to provide a tactile surface on public pathways and entrances that can be experienced underfoot and recognized as a warning of impending pedestrian potential danger, especially for vision-impaired pedestrians, but also for all pedestrians as an added safety precaution.

When it comes to TGSI’s, the following are the most significant considerations:


  • Proudly owned and manufactured in India.
  • High-Tech Polyurethane is used to create these products.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) light resistant and free of lead
  • 300mm × 300mm squares are used to make tactile.
  • Extremely long-lasting, with 5-year fair wear and tear guarantee.
  • New public access standards are met.
  • In no time, install anywhere, anytime!
  • A more cost-effective alternative
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • For various indications, multiple surfaces are available:
  • a flat surface (non-slip)
  • Studded (warning)
  • Swatches (directional)

Do you need some polyurethane tactile (TGSI’s) with a hazardous warning message that will stick to any surface?

Eminent Tactiles offers a tactile solution for floors with a smooth and clean surface.

Remove the Eminent Tactiles peel and glue the Polyurethane Tactile’s backing to the tactile tile and stick it straight to the surface.

There’s no need for glue because the adhesive back is quite aggressive to most surfaces, so get it properly the first time because they won’t be simple to move once they’re in place.

Self Adhesive Tactile StripsIt’s made in India from a novel UV-stable material that will endure a long time. It’s simple to set up and take down. It’s attached to the substrate with a high-quality self-adhesive tape backing that allows for long-term adhesion to non-oil surfaces like concrete and wood.

Our TGSI’s are designed to be used on pedestrian surfaces to aid individuals who are vision impaired in orienting themselves and to provide tactile warning to safely walk about in a constructed environment – detectable underfoot or by a cane.

All TGSI products are UV stable, which means they won’t fade in the sun over time. The product is made in India using high-tech polyurethane and includes a warranty.

The danger warning polyurethane tactile  is suited for indoors and outdoors, business car parks, footpaths, shopping malls, and other situations where the vision-impaired need to be warned of such warnings as:

  • Intersections of life-threatening dangers, such as railway platforms, warehouses, vehicular drives, and exits from parking areas, among others.
  • To indicate that a major point has been reached, such as the location of a bus sign or tram stop, or the location of a direction change on a pedestrian crossing island associated with a slip lane crossing.
  • There are stairwells and ramps at both the top and bottom of the building.
  • At pedestrian crossings, to indicate the direction of travel.

 Can’t agree more with this statement, “TGSI acts as a superhero for visually-impaired individuals.”

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Bhavin Ghelani
December 23,2019

Mr. Bhavin Ghelani is an engineer and entrepreneur passed his engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU). Since his adolescence, he has believed in society’s upbringing, and he has always desired to offer some value to society. He also has a religious side too. When in 2015, Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi started the Accessible India Campaign, also known as the Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan for all the disabled peoples in our country. He saw this initiative as a fantastic opportunity and after lots of deep research, he found the concept of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators which was being already practiced for Visually impaired peoples in countries like, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States of America, and many other developed countries. So at that point, the idea of the formation of ‘Eminent Tactiles’ under ‘Eminent Overseas’ came into his mind. Slowly & Steadily it has become India’s first and foremost manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Tactile Ground Surface Indicator products and under his vision, more range of products kept on developing so far.

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