A Dell UltraSharp monitor Stainless Steel Tactile Directional Strip with Diamond Pattern on Top (Machine Finish) product-image

Stainless Steel Tactile Directional Strip with Diamond Pattern on Top (Machine Finish)

By Eminent Tactiles | SKU# : ET-DTS008
Stainless Steel 316 Marine Grade
strip-icon SS 316
strip-icon SS 304

Rose Gold
Yellow Gold
Diameter : 35mm, 25mm
Dimensions : 35 X 25 X 4.5mm
Length : 280
Square Meter Ratio : 44 Pcs

Product Specification

Top of Strip :

Crosshatch Diamonds

Suitable for Substrates :

Stone, masonry, timber, vinyl, vitrified porcelain, ceramics, glass, metals

Fixing :

Drill and fit with adhesive or diamond core and fit with adhesive

Special Options :

Length / Width / Thickness or Stem Sizes  Can be availed as per requirements

Australian Standards AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009. | National Building Code 2016 (India)

5-Year Warranty

About this Product

These strips are one of our premium products. The stainless steel tactile strip with diamond surface comes with various varieties of designs as well as colors to provide the clients with a great choice. These diamond strips have many variants in them. These strips might also some diamond studs which make it easier for the visually impaired to locate and find directions quickly. These tactile strips are slip-proof and rust proof. They are very aesthetically designed to fit into the aura of the client’s ambiance. The stainless steel used in these strips is very well combined with the diamond surface. This combination complements very well with each other.

There are many variants in the stainless steel tactile strip with diamond surface. There are many diamond surface studs that are installed in various stainless steel tactile strips. There are many colors like black diamond surface studs for the stainless steel strips and also stud diamond PP in black and is also available in yellow. There are various directional strips that have a diamond surface which is excellent for directing the visually impaired people.  Other variants of the same stainless-steel strip with diamond surface include Strip Diamond PP in Black and well as Yellow.

These strips are highly flexible as well as durable. They are made up of high quality and can be customized as per the need and convenience of the clients. They are very manageable in terms of maintenance and are highly affordable. For further price details, contact us.

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