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Bhavin Ghelani
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  • 4, 06, 2018

If a blind person wants to go outside, he needs to overcome various obstacles. Although they believe they are unique in the world, Eminent Overseas believes it is our responsibility to help them. Tactile indications can help and support them by being placed on every path. Humans can help one other in amazing nature, at the end of the day.

When it comes to travel, you have options whether you’re visually impaired or blind. You can travel with a human guide, who holds your elbow, or with a long, white cane to recognize and avoid obstacles or elevation changes, or with a dog guide, or with sophisticated optical or technological aids, or without any further support.

Blind people’s instrument choices are influenced by the intensity and kind of their vision impairment, as well as their tastes, illumination, and familiarity with the area. People with visual impairments keep track of their whereabouts using whatever vision they have, aural and tactile information, and any collected knowledge of a location.

When we witness blind people traveling at that time, they look to be very nervous when crossing a street, locating a platform at bus terminals, train stations, airports, or navigating government and corporate buildings, parking lots, and so on. They don’t know when the path will turn and lead to a dead end.

That is why Eminent Tactile is putting in so much effort to install tactile indicators, which will aid blind persons as it is also our duty.

Your all tactile solutions under one roof Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI) are specially designed tools with varied textures and colors that guide and warn visually impaired people about impending dangers. TGSI are elevated bumps that are commonly found along curbs and ramps but can also be found in places where there are dangers, such as stairwells, lifts, crossings, elevators, and bus stops. These indications can also be used to guide or lead visually impaired people to crosswalks so that they can cross the roadway safely.

It was Eminent Tactiles that was the first in India to create Tactile Indicators, which began with the goal of delivering tactile paving services. Until today, we have been a leading and prominent tactile pavement manufacturing, exporting, and supplying enterprise. We want to make the world a better and safer place for persons who have limited or no vision. We can also assist you with installation and other matters.  

Tactile Warning Studs, Tactile Directional Strips, Integrated Tactiles, Polyurethane PU Tactiles, Adhesive tiles, PU Tactile Indicators, and many other products are among our best-selling items. Along with engineering items, we also offer stair nosing and anti-skit noise solutions, as well as bollards, bike racks, wheel stops, and many more safety devices.

Tactile indicators include those with and without a shaft, as well as adhesive and non-adhesive options. We offer a 5-year guarantee on tactile indicators.

Mr. Bhavin Ghelani, founder of Eminent Tactiles, and his team are working to increase processing speed and accuracy, especially in low-light settings such as at night or under very bright lighting. In the future, advances in practical and cost-effective assistance tools should make it safer for visually impaired people to go alone, giving them more flexibility and self-confidence to explore new places.

YOUR ALL TACTILE SOLUTION UNDER ONE SAFE ROOF Our tactile product pattern is unique.  The dense stud design ensures a non-slip surface from every angle and versatility in application. That’s why a product we created years ago still has a significant influence today. In a range of industries, including metro stations, bus ports, marine industries, food processing, and packaging enterprises, hospitals, schools, and public subways, among others, our premium safe anti-skid studs and accessories have protected our clients’ premises from slip and fall accidents. To provide a safe environment for your visitors, use tactile indicators, especially near steps and other recreational or exhibition areas. Installation of our tactile indicators near parks and gardens can instantly inform a large number of people and prevent accidents.

A simple indicator of where a safe crossing begins and ends can be very helpful to pedestrians. By ensuring that pedestrians do not cross the road until it is safe to do so, the tactile signal helps to achieve the required level of pedestrian safety.

Stairwells or elevators are available in most large shopping malls and shopping centers. Placing our stair nosing on stairs can be a great safety precaution. Tactile indicators on the surfaces where individuals board or exit their mode of transportation stations can be extremely helpful.

Additional Benefits of our products :

  • Premium stair nosing is one of the design-focused items for all architectural needs.
  • Superior slip and fall protection is required in walkways, ramps, landings, and other pedestrian access areas.
  • Cleaning is simple.
  • There’s no need to wait; simply install it and walk on it.
  • If it is damaged, it can easily be replaced.

We hope that the next time you encounter Tactile Paving in public, it serves as a reminder that it helps people with vision problems navigate their surroundings.

From stairs to pathways, Eminent Tactiles got you covered!

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Bhavin Ghelani
June 4,2018

Mr. Bhavin Ghelani is an engineer and entrepreneur passed his engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU). Since his adolescence, he has believed in society’s upbringing, and he has always desired to offer some value to society. He also has a religious side too. When in 2015, Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi started the Accessible India Campaign, also known as the Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan for all the disabled peoples in our country. He saw this initiative as a fantastic opportunity and after lots of deep research, he found the concept of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators which was being already practiced for Visually impaired peoples in countries like, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States of America, and many other developed countries. So at that point, the idea of the formation of ‘Eminent Tactiles’ under ‘Eminent Overseas’ came into his mind. Slowly & Steadily it has become India’s first and foremost manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Tactile Ground Surface Indicator products and under his vision, more range of products kept on developing so far.

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