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Eminent Overseas takes immense pride in the tactile products that we create and we are even prouder of the fact that we work towards building a better tomorrow for each one of us. Our wide range of products makes sure to aid the visually impaired people in every which way possible whatsoever. Our main goal is to create a disable friendly environment for the visually impaired so that they have a great experience. Our products are engineered and designed keeping in mind the main needs and requirements of the visually impaired so that they gain the maximum help by using our products.

The main concern in our wide range of products is that we don’t compromise on quality. Every single raw material used in our products is of high quality. All the products once created and combined are tried and tested before launching them into the market. We have a great variety of products and hence they are involved in the using of a lot of different types of products. We use so many raw materials like stainless steel, Yellow Carborundum, Black Carborundum, line and diamond surface materials and also Polyurethane. These are main raw materials used in our high-quality products that give them a high boost of strength and sturdiness.

One of the main features of our high-quality products is that they are highly customizable. Whatever type, color or size of product our clients pick from our product range; we customize them as per the need and convenience of our clients. One of the most important requirements of our clients is to create specific size, length, dimension, type, design or color of our product. Though we follow and create products as per the set standards, there might be a need to customize the product to fit into certain installations. We make sure that the products are customized according to needs of the clients. Our products are highly flexible and can be molded, reshaped and resized with losing the strength and sturdiness of any of our products.

Our products are extremely durable. Our products are mostly installed in various external places and hence are created in a way that they must be protected from the harsh weather conditions. Our products have been scientifically tested to tolerate the excessive amount of sunlight, rain, dust as well as wind. Our products are made up of strong materials that make sure to protect the tactile indicators from the harmful UV rays of the sun. They are also designed in such a way that rust proof and excessive water from rains cannot affect the conditioning of our tactile products. Our products are very easy to maintain and hence can be managed without any additional care or check-up of the products once they are installed in the right places correctly.

One of the most important and set criteria of our tactile product range is that they extremely slip-proof. Our products are a double check to see if there is even a single chance to make sure that they completely slip-proof. This is a requirement set by the authoritative bodies to make sure that there is no problem related to this feature as it can be very dangerous to lives of the visually impaired people who are going to use these products. This is because these tactile indicators are usually installed in places that are very of a hazard and hence we are very cautious while manufacturing our products. The safety and security of our products, as well as the visually impaired people who will be using, is on the top of our priorities.

The prices of our tactile products vary from product to product. The pricing is very reasonable and affordable for our clients. We discuss our price details for all our products, be it the studs, strips or indicators; we let our clients know all about it once they contact us. We have a very quick and prompt feedback and can be reached at any working day during the regular working hours. We would be pleased to sit down and have a good meeting with potential clients and talk about how we can together make the world a better place to live in.

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