The Reach of Our Tactile Products

Eminent Overseas is the first company in the country India which understood the need of tactile paving in India. We have been the leading market holder in the tactile industry and still continue to improve ourselves every single day. With developing technologies and innovations, we continue to lead the field towards development and betterment. We believe in working with organizations which are expert at disability research, companies which manufacture the cutting edge tactile technology and hire only those who have a skilled and curious mind for this field. We have been involved in making the lives of the visually impaired better in various sectors of life and strive to achieve more.

On top of our priority is the transport department. We make sure that all our high-quality products are installed in the pedestrians, footpath, sidewalks and other roadside places that might be dangerous and prone to hazards. A guide to surface indicators which are best for each mode of transportation and remain with the theme of the surroundings. Along with this are entirely safe and free of any hazards. We provide the best of solutions to all the transportation problems which is where the visually impaired fee the most vulnerable at.

Another main focus for creating and installing our tactile products is in the healthcare industry. Every institution in healthcare sector must have tactile indicators. It is one of the most basic requirements in healthcare facilities and hospitals. Healthcare sector is one of the most crucial industries which are needed by all people at one time or another. All need medical assistance, be it a regular impaired person or a specially able person. This means that accessibility is 100 percent required in healthcare institutions.  All medical institutions need proper paving which is patient-friendly and efficient. A range of such products can be found on Eminent Overseas.

Education is one of the most important sectors where we make sure that we provide our tactile products. Schools and universities are the institutions that must have to disable friendly environment.  The field of education is wide along with several levels and departments which require different products along with different specifications. We provide all sorts of tactile products that are needed and definitely required to be involved in an educational institution. No visually impaired student feels left out in the places where we provide our tactile products. The variety of paving available covers all the needs that may arise in this sector.

Every visually impaired person is entitled to have fun and be interested in physical activities like sports. Sports are one of those sectors where tactile paving is the most required and must be inserted at all costs. The sports platforms are very crucial part of any game that is being played by a visually impaired player. They must be of a right design and of extremely high quality so that they cannot affect the performance of any player. Keeping that in mind, we have developed some suitable designs for various sports for the best interest in the sports for any visually impaired player.

There are so many corporate organizations that have hired many visually impaired employees which is a very great thing to do. There are so many visually impaired people who are indulged in the contribution of great work for the betterment of a corporate organization. This is the reason why corporate offices, especially those who have made sure to hire these people, should have a disable friendly internal environment. They need to be tactile paved all across for the better working and accessibility of the visually impaired employees. Offices are the space where the magic happens. So, it is of paramount importance that the environment of office must remain pleasant, positive and encouraging. For such demands, special skills and designs are required to fulfill the necessary conditions of an office which are provided by us.

Another crucial setup that must be disabled friendly is that of an industry. There are so many visually impaired people that are involved in the working of an industry and hence tactile paving is extremely important in the industries as well. The industries of the 21st century need to be on the top with the best and latest technologies as well as facilities. We ensure that our tactile products will help the visually impaired in an industry a lot.

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