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Bhavin Ghelani
  • Tactile Indicators
  • 21, 01, 2016

Have you ever wondered what those bumps are on the road? They’re tactile indicators that guide a blind person in the right direction.

Tactile Paving (also known as detectable warning surface) is a rough ground surface component used to warn visually impaired pedestrians on walkways, stairs, and station platforms.

Tactile Indicators are important orienting indicators that help blind and vision-impaired people navigate public environments safely. Tactiles are frequently used at inbuilt places such as pedestrian crossings, ramps, stairways, escalators, and moving travelators, together with other environmental information.

Tactile IndicatorThe ability to move around safely should be a basic and essential entitlement. Everyone is expected to participate in social activities. Because of their fragility, the most vulnerable groups stay at home. Children, the elderly, and people with disabilities or restricted mobility are all affected in some way. Walking should be promoted as a viable mode of transportation because of its potential to improve health and protect the environment.

Pedestrian crossing points are especially dangerous because they frequently include disputes between pedestrians and other means of transportation, such as cars, buses, bikes, and Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs), such as electric scooters hoverboards, and Jam or traffic. For visually impaired and blind people, crossing streets safely is considerably more difficult.

The visually impaired individuals should have access to a tactile environment that ensures that the majority of public locations, particularly hazardous places, are disabled-friendly so that visually impaired persons can have a normal experience. Many establishments, such as restaurants, movie theaters, gardens, and other common public places other than roads, metro stations, and airports, must take steps to make their environments and surroundings more accessible to disabled people so that they can have an equally good and enjoyable experience.

Eminent Tactiles creates tactile solutions to solve visually impaired persons’ challenges daily. We endeavor to provide our clients with the best and highest-quality products or services possible so that visually impaired individuals can experience a tactile and disabled-friendly world in more places.

We offer our installers and clients a diverse range of products and services. We have a range of tactile studs, strips, and tactile Directional Strips, Integrated Tactiles, Polyurethane PU Tactiles, Adhesive tiles, PU Tactile Indicators, that are extremely useful in terms of hazard detection and directionality. Our solutions can be utilized to assist any platform, regardless of the area. We offer the greatest tactile products while keeping in mind the requirements and needs of those who are blind. We put a lot of effort into employing a range of different materials to meet the needs of the visually impaired.

TGSI can be divided into two categories: Warning and Direction. Tactile indicators, such as stop signs, warn pedestrians of impending dangers in their route of travel. On the other hand, directional tactile signals provide directional orientation by indicating the most accessible way. Tactiles, when used together, enable visually challenged pedestrians to move about cities with confidence and independence.

These tactile indicators must be installed correctly so that the visually impaired can perceive them. To provide optimal safety, they must also meet Standards in terms of placement, size, and quality.

What is the need for TGSI?

  • It acts as navigational assistance for visually impaired people.
  • The anti-skid design decreases the likelihood of a blind slide, which could be dangerous.
  • It gives blind and visually challenged people tactile and visual notifications.
  • It is capable of catering to the demands of all pedestrians.
  • It safeguards blind people against harm.
  • For a longer period, it serves as environmental protection.

Eminent TactilesOur purpose is to assist in the creation of a disabled-friendly environment and to ensure that all of them have easy access to tactile indications so that they can blend in with other people’s lives. With the advancement of technology and growth in India, it is time for India to extend accessibility to the visually impaired, and for that matter, all especially able individuals, so that they, too, can see the country’s independence and power.

The visually impaired are as vital to our country as any other country, which is why more tactile products and platforms should be enabled and installed throughout India to provide comfortable and quick access as well as a positive experience to the visually impaired.

The country’s growth accelerates as we look forward to giving comfort and simplicity to visually impaired citizens. We are committed to delivering the finest possible services to visually impaired persons to make India a better place for them to live. This would allow such people to develop more in the future and contribute to India’s progress. We work to assist visually impaired persons in India so that they can have a better quality of life and contribute to making India a better place to live. Our primary contribution is to improve India’s quality of life.

We believe in Building a Better Tomorrow!

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Bhavin Ghelani
January 21,2016

Mr. Bhavin Ghelani is an engineer and entrepreneur passed his engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU). Since his adolescence, he has believed in society’s upbringing, and he has always desired to offer some value to society. He also has a religious side too. When in 2015, Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi started the Accessible India Campaign, also known as the Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan for all the disabled peoples in our country. He saw this initiative as a fantastic opportunity and after lots of deep research, he found the concept of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators which was being already practiced for Visually impaired peoples in countries like, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States of America, and many other developed countries. So at that point, the idea of the formation of ‘Eminent Tactiles’ under ‘Eminent Overseas’ came into his mind. Slowly & Steadily it has become India’s first and foremost manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Tactile Ground Surface Indicator products and under his vision, more range of products kept on developing so far.

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