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if blind people want to outside than they feel many problems. They feel they are different than others in this world but Eminent Overseas thinking this is our responsibility to help them. We can help and support to them by Installing tactile Indicators on every path way. End of day Great nature human can help each other.

When i see blind people was travelling at that time they are feel very uncomfortable. like the new places Bus station, Railway Station, Airport, Government & Corporate Offices, Parking’s And So many more. Because they don’t know when the road turn and come to the dad end.

and when they are go from new places like Private office and Government offices they need help from other people for guidance and they are feel very bad and thinking they are not able to go any where.

That’s why Eminent Overseas working and doing this great job for install tactile indicators and that would be help to blind people and that’s our Responsibility also.

Eminent Overseas is the Best Option because they have all types of Tactile Indicators available which helps to blind people.

Products :

SS 316 – Warning Tactile Dome, Point, Stud
Brass – Warning Tactile Dome, Point, Stud
Aluminium – Warning Tactile Dome, Point, Stud

SS 316 – Directional Tactile Strip, Line
Brass – Directional Tactile Strip
Aluminum – Directional Tactile Strip

PU Tiles Warning Tactile
PU Tiles Directional Tactile

Tactile indicators is with Shaft and without Shaft and Adhesive and without Adhesive. Eminent Overseas gives Guarantee for Adhesive Tactile Indicators for 5 Years.

Eminent Overseas thinking on that business which helps to End of Society.

we are developing this products with FAIR TRADE policy.

in our company we give perfect salary and don’t work child labour and we support to our Society.

Please take care about our Society and Help us to make good society for everyone of us.

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