Bhavin Ghelani
  • Tactile Indicators
  • March 4, 2020

TGSI (Tactile Ground Surface Indicators) are mostly used in public buildings like railway stations, bus stations, corporate buildings, government buildings, metro rail stations, airports, museums, galleries, libraries, hotels, restaurants, theaters, schools, colleges, etc. to make them accessible friendly for visually impaired people, with the help of tactile indicators they can navigate into the premises easily without being dependent upon other people. Eminent tactiles® make tactile indicators using stainless steel 316 and cities can be made smart and accessible.

Tactile indicators of different materials can be used to make any place accessible friendly. The material and color of tactile indicators can be installed by selecting the floor and design of the premises. Eminent Tactiles® offers a wide range of tactile indicators designs.

Eminent Tactiles® offers different types of materials such as Stainless Steel 316 tactile indicators, Brass tactile indicators, Aluminium tactile indicators, Bronze tactile indicators and Polyurethane tactile indicators. The end use of the tactile indicators is finalized according to the architectural design.

In smart cities, warning tactile indicators are used during road cross as well as for street scope. On Zebra crossings, curb crossing, boarding point at bus stations, etc.

In India there are around 4000 cities out of which 40 cities have population more than a million and around 397 cities have approximately 0.1 to 1 million people rescinding in these cities. Thus, in such densely populated cities not only in buildings but in outdoor areas as well as on the main roads warning tactile indicators are installed which helps visual impaired people to navigate smartly and safely. Due to this Eminent Tactiles® are now installed on pathways (sidewalks) and on the road crossing areas.

Every shopping malls, super markets, underground path ways or any public places must have stainless steel 316 studs installed for not only warning purpose for visually impaired persons but to make the floor an anti-skid or anti slip floor. For crossing the road on the starting point and at the end point of the zebra crossing warning tactile indicators must be installed.

In every building as per national building codes, these warning studs must be installed on the main gates, parking points, stairs and other such areas to make that area anti slip or skid resistant.

To make any city a smart city facility for accessibility should be take care of in indoor and outdoor areas and we at Eminent Tactiles® help to make smart accessibility for every buildings and public places. Let’s make our cities smarter with Eminent Tactiles®.

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Bhavin Ghelani
March 4,2020
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