Stainless Steel Tactile Strip With Black Carborundum

Technical Specification

1. Material: SS 316 ( Marine Grade Stainless Steel )
2. Diameter: 35 mm , 25 mm
3. Dimensions: 280 x 35 x 5
4. Color : Silver
5. Square Meter Ratio : 44 strip per 1 square m
6. Warranty : Guaranteed for 5 Years

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These tactile stainless-steel strips are made up of black carborundum. They are made of high-quality steel and focus mainly on the strength, sturdiness, durability, and flexibility of the product. These are specifically designed to make sure that the visually impaired stay away from danger and hazardous locations. The tactile nature of these strips along with the stainless steel and the black carborundum make them one of the most brilliant combinations to aid the visually impaired people.  These stainless steel tactile strips with black carborundum are made up of high-level quality raw materials that make them for for usage. The main focus like on the durability of these strips. These strips are mainly made up of advanced materials that make them durable even in the harsh weather conditions. These are UV resistant as well as rust proof. The harmful heat of the sun and dust particles do not harm these tactile strips.

These strips are highly manageable in terms of maintenance. Maintaining these tactile strips is not a very difficult task and is also very affordable. Pricing details can be provided to our clients when they contact us. We have a very prompt and quick customer service for our clients.

Our stainless steel tactile strips made with black carborundum are very well structured by our professional engineers and product designers keeping in mind the needs of the visually impaired people. These are one of the most useful strips in terms of its tactile nature and the color as well as design.

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