Stainless Steel Tactile Strip With Line Surface

Technical Specification

1. Material: SS 316 ( Marine Grade Stainless Steel )
2. Diameter: 35 mm , 25 mm
3. Dimensions: Width:35 mm, Length:280 mm, Thickness:4 mm
4. Color : Silver
5. Square Meter Ratio : 44 strip per 1 square  m
6. Warranty : Guaranteed for 5 Years

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The stainless steel tactile strips with line surface are strong and sturdy strips made to aid the visually impaired in order to provide them with a stable path to guide to right the direction or to warn them about a hazard near to them. Since they are in a strip form they are easily paved onto various platforms, escalators, ramps, staircases and many other places to ease the functioning of the visually impaired people in public places. The stainless steel tactile strips with line surface are engraved with various studs as well so that it is easy to sense for the visually impaired. Features like these make this product highly tactile and convenient to use.

These stainless steel tactile strips with line surface are made up 100 percent pure and high-quality stainless steel which makes this tactile product highly strong, sturdy and firm. They are made up of raw materials that are tried and tested and are then used to create these strips for the visually impaired. These are very flexible and can be customized by the clients as per their choice and convenience. They are very durable and can last for all the weather conditions. The maintenance of these strips is also very manageable.

The price of these stainless steel tactile strips with line surface is set at a very affordable price for the ease and convenience of our clients. For more details regarding the price of these tactile strips, contact us. We have a very prompt customer service.

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