Round Top Below Ground Bicycle Stand

By Eminent Tactiles | SKU# : EBCR008

Diameter : 50mm
Height : 850mm
Width : 950mm
Thickness : 2/3/4mm

Product Specification

The Round Top Below Ground Bicycle Stand offers convenient bike parking coupled with a high standard of bike security. Durable, resilient, and cost-effective, the stand is finished with either galvanization or powder-coating.


1)Finished with hot-dip galvanization
2)Ensures secure parking
3)Easy installation process
4)Exhibits strong stability
5)Stylish appearance
6)Enhances public spaces

About this Product

Introducing the Round Top Below Ground Bicycle Stand, a secure and stylish solution for bike parking. Crafted for durability and reliability, this bicycle stand is designed to enhance public spaces while providing top-notch security for your bikes.

Built with precision, it guarantees long-lasting protection for your bicycles. The hot-dip galvanization finish ensures it remains corrosion-resistant and maintains its sleek appearance, regardless of the weather.

Security is paramount, and our bicycle stand delivers uncompromised protection, reducing the risk of theft or damage. It’s easy to install, saving you time and effort.

Its modern design complements urban environments, making it perfect for public spaces, parks, and businesses. By encouraging eco-friendly transportation, it helps create vibrant and sustainable public spaces.

Upgrade your bike parking experience with the Round Top Below Ground Bicycle Stand, where security meets style. Say goodbye to worries about bike safety and hello to an elegant and convenient way of parking your bicycles. Make a statement and enhance your public spaces with this reliable and aesthetically pleasing bicycle stand. Ride on with confidence!

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