Pedestrian Road Crossing Stud

Technical Specification

1. Material: SS 316 L, SS 304, Aluminum and Brass
2. Diameter:  90 mm
3. Dimensions: 90 X 40 X 15 mm
4. Type: Metallic Non-Reflective
5. Application : Pedestrian Road Crossings

Stainless Steel Crossing Road Studs

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Stainless Steel Non-Reflective Pedestrian Crossing Road Stud

Stainless steel non-reflective pedestrian crossing road studs are used for indication for a controlled or non-controlled pedestrian across crossing areas. Road crossing studs manufactured by us meet the guidelines and standards of TSRGD 2016. The crossing road stud has a diameter of 90mm and total height of the stud is 55mm the stem of the stud is 40mm. To best suit the needs of various projects these road studs are available in different choice of finish such as plain or smooth finish and profiled surface finish.
Road studs with profiled finishing has improved skid resistance in adverse weather conditions and is safe for pedestrian. The non-reflecting crossing road studs are most commonly used on pedestrian crossings as a tactile indication for people willing to cross the roads. These crossing road studs are not fitted with reflective lenses or with a steady or intermittent light source they are made of pure metals, their purpose is to give guidance to the pedestrian for crossing road.

Pedestrian Delineation – Stainless Steel Crossing Road Studs

Crossing road studs are cast from stainless steel 316L material with machine finish, these crossing road studs are made from high quality stainless steel 316L comes with 40mm shank underneath which is fixed into the road surface with epoxy and hardener-based polymer adhesive gives an effective and long-lasting fixing to the Pedestrian Delineation – Stainless Steel Crossing Road Studs.

Pedestrian Delineation Crossing Road Studs are also available in various materials such as stainless steel 304, aluminum and high quality brass. Depending upon individual requirements road studs can be developed in different materials and customized design as well.

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