Flat Tactile Stud

Technical Specification

1. Material: SS 316 , SS 304
2. Diameter: 35 mm , 25 mm
3. Dimensions: 35 X 25 X 4.5
4. Colour : Silver
5. Square Meter Ratio : 400 studs per 1 square m
6. Warranty : Guaranteed for 5 Years
7. Types: With Adhesive , Without Adhesive

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These are the new form of tactile indicating, Warning Tactile Indicators and it is gaining more and more popularity. These are the Tactile Studs, Warning Tactile Indicators which require no drilling. They can easily be installed by adhesive. They are easier to be installed, better for floors since no drilling is involved. These Tactile Studs, Warning Tactile Indicators have a flat back, which makes it easier to install with the help of an 3M VHB adhesive tape. They are quicker to install as well.

You can find a variety of flat tactile studs at Eminent Overseas. The quality of flat tactile studs available at Eminent Overseas is unquestionable, the studs go through a strict quality check before being sold to the customers. The range of tactile studs available is amazing, making sure that every person who comes to us for tactile indicating, can find a perfect match for their space. The designs are all premium and you can choose the one that goes with the theme amongst many designs available.

All the flat tactile studs, Warning Tactile Indicators produced and sold are in strict accordance with the official rules and guidelines to make sure of the safety and satisfaction of the customers.

Choose Eminent Overseas flat tactile studs for best performance. These can be installed in any space and the best part is that there is no need for drilling any holes. Which is why flat tactile studs are highly recommended for offices where tactile paving can easily be done through these flat tactile studs without drilling or damage or any holes in the floor or on walls. Contact us for more information on design and sizes of flat tactile studs.

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