Stainless Steel Adhesive Stud With Groove

Technical Specification

1. Material: SS 316 , SS 304
2. Diameter: 35 mm , 25 mm
3. Dimensions: 35 X 25 X 4.5 mm
4. Colour : Silver
5. Square Meter Ratio : 400 studs per 1 square  m
6. Warranty : Guaranteed for 5 Years

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One of our other products includes Stainless Steel Adhesive Stud with Grooves. This facility ensures a great deal of aid to the visually impaired. Eminent Overseas makes sure that all the raw materials used in the making of this particular product are 100 percent approved by the authoritative bodies and have very safe to use. The adhesive in the studs is used to make the product even more economical and safe. We provide highly durable and flexible tactile studs with 9 grooves that are easy to install and customize for the purpose of appearance as well as installation. The main raw material used in this is the stainless steel that structures the whole product into a strong and sturdy one that provides the best aid to the visually impaired. For a better understanding of our products and to know the variations in design, size, and color, it is best to get in touch with us. We provide the service of customer support on educating them about a variety of products and the prices are shared when you contact us.

These adhesive studs are reasonably priced according to the designs that we offer. We offer a variety of designs to pick and choose from and also give the clients a choice of customizing the products as per their own need and convenience keeping in mind the place and site of installation. These studs are slip resistant to make sure and provide extra safety to the people who will be using our installed products.

Advantage of Self Adhesive Tactile Stud/Dome :

  • Standard 3M VHB tape have long life.
  • Labour cost for installation is very low.
  • Not damage any surface.
  • No need to drill floor.
  • Zero waste during the installation.
  • No additional fixation is required.
  • Very fast and simple installation.
  • Not  generating any kind of sound or dust.
  • Excellent adhesion features to many types of floor materials like on Concrete, Wooden, Paver, Plain, Marble, Granite, Aggregate, Tiles, Vinyl, Rubber, Timber, Carpet Tiles.
  • Very good durability.

Application Guidelines of self Adhesive Tactile Stud/Dome :

  • For maximum bond strength the surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with a 50:50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water.
  • For use and precautions when using cleaning solvents.
  • Ideal tape application is accomplished when temperature is between 70° and 100°F (21° and 38°C).
  • The bond is allowed to dwell 72 hours.
  • Initial tape application to surfaces at temperatures.
  • Below 50°F (10°C) is not recommended.
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