Ensuring Safety of the Visually Impaired

While traveling every day in public places, we see that most of the places are not well equipped with tactile indicators or platforms. This just shows that we still need to work on the increasing the awareness about a disable free environment so that it is easy for the visually impaired to experience the most basic activities like walking on a busy road, travelling in public transport, eating at a public restaurant and many other basic activities to be easily accessible to them. In a developing country like India, it is of utmost importance to empower the especially able people to increase the growth and development of the country.

When we talk about tactile indicators, they are usually installed in the external environment but can also be installed in the internal environment to make sure that the visually impaired people can do things easily in both the environments. Many of the visually impaired people have an interior set up of tactile indicators and other products as well to enable their working in a more efficient as well as effective manner. However, it is needed more in the external environment to make sure that there is no danger to the visually impaired.

There are many struggles that a visually impaired person goes through in an external environment. It is difficult for them to walk or cross a highly crowded road. It is difficult to find the right platforms at metro and bus stations. Public transport becomes very difficult for them. It is so dangerous for them to climb stairs and walk on an uneven terrain. They also go through the struggles of not being able to access public places like cafes, restaurants, movie theaters, malls and other common places in a very easy and convenient way. These are just a few struggles that a visually impaired person goes through on a regular basis in both internal as well as external environment.

Eminent Overseas guarantees to create products that will help ease the lives of the visually impaired on a regular basis. We design products keeping in mind all the struggles of the visually impaired and the main goal is to provide safety and security to the visually impaired people especially in the external environment. Our products are made with high-quality materials to make sure that all the products are safe and secure for use. For similar reasons as well our products are tried and tested for the best of experience.

We make our products in a way that help the visually impaired people to deal with their struggles easily. Our wide range of products and variety of designs and colors make it very favorable for the clients in a way that they can be installed in a variety of places in the internal as well as external environment. Focusing on the external environment, out tactile studs, strips, tiles, and indicators can be installed on pedestrian walks, staircases, escalators, sidewalks or footpath and most importantly in any hazardous place that can endanger the life of a visually impaired person.

There are so many visually impaired people who have been benefited from these installments and our products all throughout India. It has given the visually impaired a sense of freedom, liberty, and independence. With our tactile products no, a visually impaired person needs to walk around with someone’s help and can manage on their own with the accessibility and importance of the tactile products. They help in identification of various hazards and guides the right direction to the visually impaired and can ensure that the traveling and other basic requirements of the visually impaired people become easy as well as safe.

At Eminent Overseas, safety, security, accessibility, and equality, as well as quality, are huge parameters that are considered while creating, designing and manufacturing our products. Our whole team works day and night to come up with more tactile products to ensure the growth, progress, and safety of the visually impaired. The goal is to make the world a better place to live in and what better way to live in a place that provides safety, security, equality, growth, and accessibility. Our products are our symbols of quality and we secure the lives of the visually impaired through them.

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