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  • 8, 05, 2019

Our TGSIs come in a variety of styles to fit your aesthetic and functional needs.

Our TGSIs come in a variety of styles to fit your aesthetic and functional needs.

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSIs) provide important orientation signs to help blind and vision-impaired people safely navigate the public environment. Tactiles and other environmental information are frequently placed in places like pedestrian crossings, stairs, escalators, ramps, and moving travelators.

Our superior aluminum tactile indicators are a cost-effective, low-cost alternative for both interior and exterior applications. 

You may install Truncated Domes or ADA matting to meet the minimum state or municipal ADA rules if you own a property. We offer both ADA-compliant and non-compliant Detectable Warning Systems or Dome Mats. There are two main designs of truncated bump pads. The first is cast-in models, which are installed while the concrete is being poured, and the other is retrofit models, also known as Surface Applied Bump Pads, which are used to finish concrete surfaces with strong attaching bolts and adhesive. Regardless of whether the style is perfect for you, we offer a selection of multi-color alternatives as well as our basic yellow ones if you like something different.

Truncated Domes ADA Truncated Dome Pads can be found in your neighborhood parks, shopping malls, public buildings, and the passageways of your local businesses. These dome pads are widely observed and installed on the concrete of any pedestrian walkway or transition from a pedestrian sidewalk to traffic. The majority of the public walks over the rough pads without thinking about how important they are in guaranteeing the safety of our impaired compatriots. Their formal name is ADA Truncated Dome Pads. Surface Coated Bump Pads, Dome Mats, and ADA pads are all terms that people use to describe them. Such pads help warn disabled people and the blind that a transition from the sidewalk to a neighboring road exists. The visually impaired can sense the raised truncated bumps on these acclaimed international Truncated Dome Pads with their feet.

These safety detectable warning devices assist individuals in being aware of upcoming crossings or joining street pathways where vehicles and traffic are present.

Aluminum is popular since it can be anodized for added protection and is available in several colors. There are additional varieties with the smallest weight.

Latest Innovation in detectable warning tile system :

Detectable Warning Systems has been a pioneer in developing and producing truncated dome detectable warning solutions that are both unique and cost-effective. All of our products are manufactured in India, and they provide visual alerts to visually impaired individuals.

A detectable warning is defined as “a consistent surface feature established in or affixed to massive surfaces or other components to warn of death traps on a transmission route.” It’s a one-of-a-kind feature that functions as a stop, alerting visually challenged people to the presence of exposure along the course of passage.

Anodizing can be done on a variety of materials, but for the sake of this article, we’ll concentrate on aluminum. Aluminum is carefully cleaned and rinsed before being immersed in an electrolytic solution such as sulfuric acid to prepare it for anodizing.

When most of us think of anodizing, we think of colored aluminum. The smooth, even pores carved onto the surface are great for displaying colors or pigments. The pigment obstructs all open pores until they reach the surface, where they are permanently sealed. That’s why anodized colors last so long: they can’t be blasted off the surface because the colors are embedded deep inside the substrate and can only be removed by grinding the substrate away indefinitely.

Anodized aluminum has a distinct “metallic” appearance after coloring. Two reasons contribute to this. One, because a rough surface is left over due to the consistent electrochemical etching. The smoother the surface, the more profound the pores, but the colors will be that much more lasting.

Second, the surface light signal is moderately associated with the bleach and, in comparison to the uncolored metal at the top, is moderately related to the uncolored metal.

As a result, the light that strikes your eye will be a mixture of two wavelengths that network as they reflect off somewhat different surfaces. Aluminum anodizing gets its unique sheen from this process. We offer ADA tactile detectable warning devices composed of steel domes and bars for the applications listed below, as well as many others.

Domes and bars are separate domes/bars that are raised and fastened to the ground. These stylish domes/bars are aesthetically pleasing and meet all code requirements, making them popular with the architectural community.

Aluminium Tactile Indicators Bump pads for Detectable Warning Systems are available from our company in both cast-in and retrofit configurations. After all these years in business, our company is still handled by skilled specialists, allowing us to provide you with great client service in addition to our long-lasting products.

We can assist you with the many finishing services we provide for rapid prototypes and low-volume manufacture whenever you contact us for a project review and free estimate. Our specialists will help you decide which option is best for your budget, lead-time, and desired goals. 

Let’s get this project started right away! 

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Bhavin Ghelani
May 8,2019

Mr. Bhavin Ghelani is an engineer and entrepreneur passed his engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU). Since his adolescence, he has believed in society’s upbringing, and he has always desired to offer some value to society. He also has a religious side too. When in 2015, Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi started the Accessible India Campaign, also known as the Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan for all the disabled peoples in our country. He saw this initiative as a fantastic opportunity and after lots of deep research, he found the concept of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators which was being already practiced for Visually impaired peoples in countries like, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States of America, and many other developed countries. So at that point, the idea of the formation of ‘Eminent Tactiles’ under ‘Eminent Overseas’ came into his mind. Slowly & Steadily it has become India’s first and foremost manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Tactile Ground Surface Indicator products and under his vision, more range of products kept on developing so far.

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